Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Silly Moose!

Yep, it is my birthday today. I am a completely non-descript, un-noteworthy 37. For some reason 30 gets a nod, 35 is important and 40 is a milestone. Yet 37, not so much. Poor little 37.

This year, my 38th year of walking around planet earth in this body, I promise I will indulge more in my blog. I like the bloggity goodness of it, yet I let it sit almost forgotten for long stretches. So that is my resolution: MORE BLOGGITY GOODNESS! Ha!

And what else will this 38th year bring? More rock climbing. More snowboarding. More running. More tickling my daughter (and wife!). More reading. More smiles. More laughter. More living.

I don't feel old. I know, 37 isn't really old at all. But a lot of people seem to feel old when they pass that imaginary line of 35. I didn't and don't. Perhaps it is true that 30 is the new 20. I'm certain a lot of it is that I have such a vibrant life. My beautiful wife and daughter keep me on my toes, and maybe that keeps me young.

In any case, happy birthday to me! I'm looking forward to the next 37 years.
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