Thursday, October 18, 2007


I've been an isi (daddy) for three years now. I don't consider myself particularly good at it, but I do get better as time inexorably marches on. I figure by the time my daughter is old enough to have children of her own, I might be able to give her a pointer or two.

Despite my self-perceived shortcomings as a dad, I am very comfortable and happy in the role. Even the maddening moments of my daughter's childhood are precious to me and I walk around in a constant daze thinking that I was chosen - by fate or God or circumstance - to have this little being in my life.

She's a much better person than I am, perhaps because her existence has not yet included the ugliness that this world can produce. And she is smarter than I could ever hope to be. I tell her, as most all fathers must, that she can be or do anything she wants. And I truly believe that. I see in her the unspoiled potential that is what makes being human such a wonderful thing. I hope that I am around to see, experience and thrill in her successes.

Three years. I swear it cannot have been that long. Yet she's becoming a big girl so fast. Most of the time too fast for me.

Here's to you, little girl, woman-to-be, daughter and miracle. Three years. Three small steps. I'll hold your hand for as long as you want.
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"A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be."
--Douglas Pagels

Friendship is one of the central human experiences. It is a distinctively personal relationship grounded in a concern of each party for the welfare of the other. Its importance lies in the fact that the concern we have for our friends has a place within a broader set of concerns; it is both selfless and selfish.

I don't have a huge set of friends - I am rather careful with my affections - but I am lucky enough to have some very special people as friends. They embolden, encourage and help shape who I am as a person.

For some reason today I am especially thankful for my friends. I am acutely aware of what they bring to my life, the value and richness that would be absent without them.

So thank you, dear friends, both near and far. I am lucky - no, blessed! to have you in my life. I hope that I never take you for granted, for I know only a little of your worth and would be poorer without you.
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